4 Reasons to Practice Yoga Outside

When practicing yoga, we are trying to connect with ourselves. What better place to do this than a peaceful place in nature?



4 Reasons to Practice Yoga Outside

If you consider yourself a yogi, you’ve probably spent countless hours in a crammed, sweaty yoga studio. While the heat and sweat can help benefit your flexibility, it might be time to explore other venues – like outside. When practicing yoga, we are trying to connect with ourselves. What better place to do this than a peaceful place in nature?

Here are the top four reasons why you should practice yoga outside.

  1. Being Outside Boosts Your Well-Being. Just being outdoors boosts your mood, self-esteem, and psychological well-being. The fresh air will clear your mind and prepare you for your yoga practices. Becoming one with the earth leaves you with good feelings and allows you a more natural way to practice.
  2. Great Views. Being able to find a perfect spot in nature for your yoga not only offers you serenity, but also a great view. Practicing outdoors allows you to choose your favorite scenic background, and gives you a greater opportunity to connect with yourself.
  3. Perfect Background Music. In a yoga studio, there is often quiet music playing, or a soundtrack replicating the noises you might find outdoors. Why not give yourself the natural soundtrack of birds, wind, or water? These sounds will help you feel at peace and further connect to the nature around you.
  4. Explore New Places. Practicing yoga outdoors allows you a beautiful and natural environment. Choosing a new place each time you practice allows you to explore the nature in your area and discover new favorite places. There could be a perfect yoga getaway a few blocks from your home you never knew existed.

You will not be disappointed when choosing to practice yoga outdoors. After you’re finished, the outdoors is the perfect environment to cool down and reflect on your experience. You can use this opportunity to go on a peaceful walk through the woods or along the beach, and your yoga mat is the perfect place for quick meditation. Your perfect spot in nature will ensure you connect and develop your skills.

Author: TheBigGreenGym

I love nature and enjoy yoga. Combining the two is a special experience, especially as living in Michigan, there are fewer opportunities for that to happen; which makes it all the sweeter.

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