Can Being in Nature Improve Your Well-Being?

As it turns out, our drive to get outdoors is more than just a passing whim – it’s an inherent aspect of our biology.


being in nature can improve wellbeing

Have you ever felt more at peace with the world than when you’re in nature? As humans, we have a natural need to connect with the outside world. And science helps explain why. As it turns out, our drive to get outdoors is more than just a passing whim – it’s an inherent aspect of our biology.

Improve Your Circadian Rhythm

Have you ever noticed that children are naturally sleepy when it gets dark, but are up with the sun the next morning? This is because their circadian rhythms are better regulated than most adults. Indoor lighting and screens can make it difficult for us to fall and stay asleep over time – but spending time in nature can reset your biological clock. If you have a difficult time sleeping, shut down your screens a couple of hours before bed – and get outdoors.

Enjoy the Green

There is something about nature – specifically greenery – that has a positive effect on our health. In fact, studies have shown that patients who had “green” views from their hospital rooms had shorter postoperative stays, reported fewer postoperative complications, and took fewer painkillers. What a testament to the great outdoors!

Other studies have shown that time in nature can help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Kids who spend time outside report a reduction in their symptoms as well as a decrease in “attention fatigue.”

A Simple Look Will Do

If you’re not the rugged, Bear Gyrlls type, don’t fret: you don’t have to be an outdoor survivalist to enjoy the health benefits of nature. Studies show that the simple act of looking at trees can improve mood, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. And reducing stress has a bevy of other health benefits, like boosting your immune system.
Spending time in nature will help your physical and emotional wellbeing. Whether it’s a dense rural forest or a tree-lined urban park, being outside helps people feel better. And you don’t have to be a wilderness expert to enjoy the health benefits – simply get out of the house or office for a change and explore the great outdoors.

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